The Tower Room is a cirular room that Christopher Chant discovered while exploring Chrestomanci Castle. It had all the earmarks of a work room once used by a wizard or enchanter and Christopher instantly took a liking to it. He was in the process of making it useful again when The Living Asheth or Millie, turned up unexpectedly in his room. Having just escaped her Temple in Series Ten, she was dripping wet and was carrying most of her personal possessions which included the last kitten born to her favorite Temple Cat, XXXX. Christopher, needing a place to hide her so that the Chrestomanci would not discover that he had returned to Series Ten without permission, stuffed the Tower Room full of comforting items, such as cusions, silverware, plates, and what-have-you. All of which he conjured from other rooms in the castle. He later transported both Millie and her kitten to the Tower Room because Flavian Temple wanted him to come to the Schoolroom for an impromptu class.

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