Christopher Chant (nephew) Miranda Chant (sister)


To get items for the black market

Ralph Weatherby Argent is Christopher Chant's mother's brother. Christopher Chant thinks of him as Uncle Ralph. Christopher's mother introduced Ralph as "Rafe" to Christopher. It was a long time before Christopher realized that the man's real first name was Ralph. Uncle Ralph treated Christopher as something other than a mere object and was the first person on 12A to do so. Christopher proved willing to die for his Uncle Ralph. Ralph Weatherby Argent, being a criminal, was not all that impressed and kept is his nephew busy plying the Related Worlds for goods both unavailable and illegal in Series Twelve.

Law enforcement referred to Argent as The Wraith and his gang became known by the same name. The smuggling went on for many years with the help of Christopher Chant and a fellow that for a long time Christopher only knew by his spirit name, Tacroy. Eventually it is revealed that Tacroy is none other than a fellow named Mordechai Roberts who also worked in the employ of the sitting Chrestomanci, Gabriel de Witt.

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