Marianne Pinhoe



Magical talent

Has a lot of dwimmer


Joseph Pinhoe (brother) Cecily Pinhoe (mother) Harry Pinhoe (father) Aunt Joy (aunt) Edith Pinhoe (grandmother) Edgar Pinhoe (great uncle), Arthur Pinhoe



Marianne Pinhoe is a member of the Pinhoe family and Joseph Pinhoe's sister. She lives in Ulverscote (as do the other Pinhoes) and has magical abilities. As she has a lot of dwimmer, she was to be the next Gammer of the Pinhoe family (which she did not want). Christopher Chant had her sent to Chrestomanci Castle in order to study dwimmer after he had the Farleigh family magic removed.



Members of the Pinhoe family
Marianne Pinhoe, Joseph Pinhoe, Richard Pinhoe, Cecily Pinhoe, Edith Pinhoe, Edgar Pinhoe, Chris Pinhoe, Sue, Aunt Joy, Luke Pinhoe, Lester Pinhoe, Harry Pinhoe, Charles Pinhoe, Arthur Pinhoe, Cedric Pinhoe, Dinah Pinhoe, William Pinhoe

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