Forbidden Garden, also sometimes referred to as The Secret Garden or Chrestomanci's Garden. This garden is siutated high up in the ruin of the older part of Chrestomanci Castle. There have been misdirection enchantments cast upon that makes it very difficult if not impossible for ordinary people to reach it, let alone enter it. It lies at the top of a very frightening crumbling spiral stair that is outside with no walls or handrails. It is difficult to even find the foot of the stair because it is covered with a mixture of weeds and hollyocks. Climbing the stair will get a person into the garden, which proves to be a very puzzling place in its own right. Walking through it sunwards, or clockwise, leads one through every season of the year as well as a series of plants from every known world and some that are still unknown. It presents the visitor with every clime imaginable, from dry hot desert to steaming jungle and even frozen tundra. As the visitor walks sunward he or she descends until the center of the garden is reached. In the center is a babbling spring at the foot of an apple tree. An ancient and crumbling stone torii or gate with its top rail lying on the ground stands by the apple tree. To leave the garden, vistors must walk widdershins, slowly working their way back up to the top of the ancient stair.

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