Conrad Tesdinic



Eye Color

light yellow-brown

Hair Color



Anthea Tesdinic (sister) Franconia Tesdinic (mother), Alfred Grant (uncle)


Stallchester, English Alps, Series Seven


"Con" (by Alfred Grant), Conrad Grant, "Grant" (by Christopher Chant)

Conrad Tesdinic is a boy from a town in the English Alps in Series Seven. His mother is an eccentric feminist author and his family own a bookshop called "Grant and Tesdinic", where his mother's books are sold. He studies magic at Chrestomanci Castle when he is asked to go there by Gabriel de Witt. He studies under de Witt along with Christopher, Millie, Jason, Bernard, Elizabeth, Henrietta, and others.

He is twelve years old when he goes to work at Stallery. He returns to Series Seven when he is eighteen years old, and plans to visit Series Twelve for the wedding of Christopher and Millie Chant.


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